Active Communication

Seadronix creates its own in-house network among members.

We aim for active communication and continuously contemplate how we can build meaningful relationships. We strive to spread positive energy among our staff members and fulfill our vision together.

Rational Thinking

Seadronix creates innovative products and services.

We aim for a rational thinking process that can quickly adapt to changes and is open to applying various solutions to turn possibilities into reality.

Growth Together

We create an AI platform that integrates multiple state-of-the-art technologies.

We support personal development and growth based on individual choice because we believe that our members' growth is our growth and is necessary for us to produce world-class solutions and services.

Crew Benefits

Level Up

Members’ growth is company growth

We encourage the self-development of our members. Since we develop our own unique technologies and systems, we encourage our members to seek professional, external education or training that they believe is necessary for their growth. In addition, we support purchasing work-related literature, and participation in academic events to actively keep on top of developing technologies and trends.

  • Participation in seminars and academic conferences support
  • Work-related literature and external training support

Members well being is company power

At Seadronix, we make an effort to create a work environment where members can be immersed in their work. To increase efficiency, we respect each member's personal schedule and provide the highest quality development tools. In addition, we support an installment savings system, vacation expenses, and meals.

  • Autonomy in commuting time with a core working time from 13:00-17:00
  • Customizable working environment: Height –adjustable motion desks and chairs
  • Top of the line development tools
  • Vacation expenses
  • Partnership discount for annual comprehensive health examination
  • Meals support
  • Coffee and snacks

The joy of members is the vitality of the company

We encourage recreational activities so that our members can take a break and enjoy their work. We are continuously looking for entertainment opportunities for our members to enjoy.

  • Culture Day : Cultural activities support
  • Workcation : Change of work scene
  • Long term vacation (privileged to a long-term employee)
  • In-office game console, karaoke mic, ping pong table

Job Opening

Application Information

  • Don’t hesitate to send us an email
  • Please refer to the link below for currently recruiting positions.
  • Please specify the position you are applying for (job title) in the email title
  • Resume/CV (recommended within 2 pages)

How to Apply

  • Free style job-oriented CV / resume
  • List projects, roles, and results related to applied position
  • Mobile number, e-mail address required
  • Add supplementary materials relevant to the applied role (if necessary)
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