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1.Ports around the world are advancing towards smart operations by collecting and analyzing real-time port operation data to optimize port operations through data-driven decision making. In line with this trend, the Uslan Port Authority plans to develop the industry's first AI-enabled platform tailored specifically for port installations.

2.There is a need for new technologies to address various limitations caused by manual operations and management of ports, such as lack of information, absence of communication tools, and operational inefficiencies.

[After Adopting AVISS]

1.Through the new platform that enables 24/7 unmanned berth monitoring, we achieved safer berth management with over 1,600 docking and undocking operations, maintaining a 0% accident rate since the installation of AVISS.

2.The gathered data was leveraged for more efficient port operations, including berth occupancy rates and ship waiting periods reduction. It was also analyzed to improve port congestion management.

3.It is expected to become an industry-leading smart port system, enabling seamless communication by providing key information to various stakeholders, including pilots and port operators.

· Ulsan Port Authority, Manager OO
"AVISS will become the world's first AI pilot and port operations assisting system."

※ This case is based on true events.

[Pioneering Smart Port with State-of-the-Art AI Solutions, AVISS]

AVISS monitors the surrounding area of berthing ships and provides real-time berthing status data to stakeholders.
In addition, it increases operational efficiency and safety by supplying port operation analytical data from the time of ship arrival to departure.

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