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1.More than 100 collision accidents involving tugboats occur annually, and even simple collisions result in excessive repair and insurance costs. Therefore, a new solution to reduce collision accidents is needed.
※ Accident rate source: Korea Maritime Safety Tribunal

2.Operating multiple tugboats requires a monitoring system for optimal vessel management.

[After Adopting NAVISS]

1.The system enables navigation with an expanded field of view by seamlessly detecting and measuring the distance of surrounding vessels. Notably, it can also detect vessels that are undetectable by radar or AIS data, further enhancing operational safety.

2.Leveraging various operational data, the system automates tasks such as creating vessel schedules and voyage records, significantly enhancing operational efficiency. Additionally, the ability to record and analyze data in the event of an accident provides greater peace of mind.

· Tugboat Operator Company, DRS Team Manager OO
"It's reassuring that the system can detect all vessels, even those with AIS turned off."
"It feels like smart ship operations are now possible."

※ This case is based on true events.

[AI Solution Introduced to Prevent Accidents: Even Small Incidents Cost a Lot in Damages, NAVISS]

NAVISS uses modular sensors to construct an around-view image of the ship.
It enhances the ship operator’s awareness of surrounding dangers, assists during navigation in high-risk collision areas such as ports and narrow waterways in real time.

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