Seadronix develops products based on our deep understanding of the organic relationship between ports and ships.

Ships depart from a port and arrive at a different port.
Systems that are focused exclusively on either vessels or ports provide limited information.
Only products that utilize the organic relationship between vessels and ports can lead to a better future.

Assistance system to prepare for the era of autonomous navigation

The era of autonomous shipping has not come yet. However, it is imminent.
Both infrastructure and data systems should be ready for the coming change to the autonomous shipping era.
Embrace the autonomous navigation future with Seadronix’s AI solutions.

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Proudly involved in
the connection of a port and a ship.

AI-based Berthing Monitoring System
  • Speed/Distance
  • Obstacle
  • Fire/Smoke Detection
  • Worker Detection
  • Berthing Optimization
Berthing Guidance System
  • Speed/Distance
  • Ship Route
Berthing Automation System
  • Speed/Distance Sync
  • Tugboat Control Guidance
  • Remote Management

Enhances the safety of ship.

Autonomous Navigation System
  • Ship Control
  • Remote Management
Steering Guidance System
  • Steering Guide
  • Route Recommendation
  • Semi-autonomous Control
Route Guidance System
  • Speed/Distance
  • Collision Risk
Smart Around-view System
  • Around-view
  • Remote Access to Around-view
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