This paper proposes vision sensors and deep learning-based around view monitoring system for ship berthing. Ship berthing to the port requires precise relative position and relative speed information between the mooring facility and the ship. For ships of Handysize or higher, the vesselships must be docked with the help of pilots and tugboats. In the case of ships handling dangerous cargo, tug boats push the ship and dock it in the port, using the distance and velocity information receiving from the berthing aid system (BAS). However, the existing BAS is very expensive and there is a limit on the size of the vessel that can be measured. Also, there is a limitation that it is difficult to measure distance and speed when there are obstacles near the port. This paper proposes a relative distance and speed estimation system that can be used as a ship berthing assist system. The proposed system is verified by comparing the performance with the existing laser-based distance and speed measurement system through the field tests at the actual port.

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